Tuesday, January 13, 2015

20 Genius Drawer Organizers {Our Hometalk Curated Board}

Love the fresh start of a new year! We have all of our Christmas decor put away and are enjoying the simplicity of our January decor. In January, I like to go back to our basic neutral decor before we jump into Valentine's day. In January, we also like to take a look at what is working and what may not be working as far as simplifying, decluttering, and organizing our home. Hometalk loved the organization post we shared, last year, about Hailey's Dresser Drawers and asked Our Family Inspired Home to curate another board for them with drawer organization ideas. This is the second board we have had the opportunity to curate for Hometalk and are very excited to share these 20 Genius Drawer Organizers with you! (If you missed the first board we curated, you may like to read about it here 25 Stylish Birthday Party Ideas ) When needing ideas or information for our home, one of the first places I go to is Hometalk. Hometalk is a great source of inspiration and information. You can find amazing ideas, in addition to asking questions you may have about your home. You, clip, like, and share projects that you love and would like to refer back to later. We love Hometalk!

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Here are a few to get you started!

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