Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kitchen Renovation Part 2

Today we are sharing the demolition of our kitchen renovation. If you missed how our kitchen looked when we purchase our home and when we moved in, you may like to read: Our HomeMoving Days, and Kitchen Renovation Part 1.We needed to do our kitchen in stages because we needed to make our home functional and work within our financial budget. So, we started on one side of the room and worked around the room as we were able. Yes, in most cases it would be better to just demo and put the room back together all at one time. However, that was not true in our case. We were trying to make our home livable and functional. Then, proceed with what we wanted. Need won out against want. Since we needed to be able to use the kitchen, while trying to do all of the other work in the kitchen, we were concerned that the new flooring would be damaged. So we also, needed to work around the old flooring as long as possible.

Chris and Brice got to work taking out the old cabinets.

Then, Chris started gutting the walls and


We found a few interesting things in the ceiling.....

Hailey wanted to help.

And then, we cleaned up.

We saved the nails we pulled out of the lath.

We will be back soon to share what we did next!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kitchen Renovation Part 1

When we purchased our new house we knew that the overall layout was perfect for our family. However, we also knew that the layout of our kitchen was not going to work for our family. The original placement of the stove was on the outside wall and in between the outside entrance door and basement door. Not only did this disrupt the flow of a walkway, but it was also dangerous. We were concerned about the possibility of a little one running in from the back door while having the oven door open. In addition, if anyone walked from our family room through the kitchen to go out the back door, he/she would have to walk by a hot stove or open oven door. So, we needed to redesign the space and move the stove.We, also, had a few other issues with the kitchen: the walls needed to be replaced, the cabinets were not sufficient, there was one florescent light, the flooring was in bad shape, and the placement of the sink meant that our refrigerator didn't fit. So, we gutted the whole kitchen and started over. After measuring, marking our walls and floors, perusing magazines, books, other blogs and, of course, PinterestHometalk, Houzz, and then rethinking our ideas, we finally came up with a plan for our new kitchen! Although our kitchen is smaller in size, it is far more  functional than it was before. If you're new here, you may like to read Our New Home ~ The Downstairs Before. And if you have been reading our blog for a while, you may have caught a few glimpses of our new kitchen in some our previous posts.

Just in case you missed it, this is what our kitchen
looked like when we purchased our home.

This is how it looked when we set it up to use for the weekends
we were here working on our house before we moved.
(Traveling Back and Forth)
(Atlanta, Cars, and a Job Well Done)

And this is how it looked after we moved.
(Moving Days)
Completely non-functional.....

We will be back next week to share what we did next!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Crockpot Shredded Pork

Welcome to Feed Us Friday! Chris and Hailey, usually, make their own rub for our meat and let it marinate while it's thawing in our refrigerator; and then, we either grill or bake what we are having for dinner. However I decided to make shredded pork in the crockpot while Chris was at work, so I needed to come up with an alternative. I searched the internet to get a general idea as to what seasonings are used for shredded pork and bbq pork. And, I came up with this recipe!

I first mixed
1/2 cup brown sugar
3 tbs. paprika
4 garlic cloves,
1tbs. onion powder,
1 tsp of salt,
1 tsp of pepper,
together in a bowl.

(And a tip)
This is one of our favorite
tools in our kitchen.
We have had it for years!
Whenever a recipe calls for garlic,
we use this garlic press from Pampered Chef.

I placed the pork roast in the crockpot
and poured the mixed seasonings on top.

And then, added one small/medium onion.
I covered and cooked it on high for 8 hours.
(most recipes I have read
say between 4-8 hours on low,
so I'm not sure if our crockpot cooks
at a lower temperature,
but ours turned out great.)

After it was done,
I cut the string
shredded the pork
and took it out of the crockpot.

It was delicious!

And it's perfect for reheating if you want leftovers
because it's even better the second day!
In fact, at first, I thought it needed more seasoning,
but Chris loved it, just the way it was, so I left it alone.
After leaving it in the refrigerator overnight,
the seasonings had a chance to really marinate
and I loved it, too!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Apple Turnovers

Welcome to Feed Us Friday! When we first looked at our house, one of the things we were excited about was the apple tree on the side our of the house. We were excited to make all kinds of new recipes. After we purchased our new house, we brought apples back home with us (The Apple Tree) (Atlanta, Cars, and a Job Well Done) to make apple butter. Then, the following spring, Chris trimmed the tree (The Apple Tree). So, last fall we didn't have any apples, and we have been, patiently, waiting to have apples again. Hailey has been wanting to make a homemade apple pie since we purchased our house, and this is the year we had intended to make it happen.

We watched the tree bud,



and start to grow apples.....

Then one morning, last week,
we went outside and found this,

the whole top of our tree
split in half and was laying on the ground.

Needless to say, we were bummed.

Chris and Hailey went out to gather all of the apples laying on the ground, and we are still hoping the remaining apples on the tree will continue to grow and ripen. However, the apples laying on the ground are still hard and tart. Our neighbor suggested we let them sit overnight with sugar. And then, try to make apple turnovers. She, also, suggested buying pie crust and quartering it, which sounded like a great idea since we are still in the middle of remodeling our kitchen. So, this idea is courtesy of our neighbor.

I peeled and diced the apples.

I put them in a plastic bowl, added a cup of sugar,
covered it with a lid, and set it in the
refrigerator overnight.

The next day, I scooped the apples out with a slotted spoon,
put them in a different bowl, mixed in
3tbsp. of brown sugar and 1tsp. of cinnamon.
I placed the seasoned apples on a
ready made pie crust that I cut into eight sections.

I, then, sliced the top crust and
placed each section on top of the apples.
I pinched and rolled the crust
of the little turnovers
to close the ends.
It doesn't have to look pretty!

I baked them according to the pie crust directions.
When they were done, I placed them on a
cooling rack to cool.

Then, I placed them on a plate.
Drizzled the sauce leftover from the apples
and sprinkled powder sugar.

They turned out great and were sooooo yummy!

(They would also be yummy
served warm with ice cream!)

And if our apples continue to grow and ripen, then we
will be making homemade apple pie!

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Feed Us Friday

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Party In Style: 25 Stylish Birthday Party Ideas {Our Hometalk Curated Board}

Holy cow, this is fabulous! Remember in our last post I mentioned that exciting things were happening around Our Family Inspired Home? Well, I wasn't just talking about our (almost done) kitchen. I was contacted by Hometalk to curate an idea board for birthday parties! I love hosting parties. So, being asked to put together a board with birthday party ideas was very appealing. Perusing through ideas of such talented and skilled members of Hometalk was so much fun. I am so excited to share 25 stylish birthday party ideas on Hometalk! If you are not familiar with Hometalk, then you need to check it out. Hometalk is an awesome source of inspiration and information. You can find amazing ideas, in addition to asking questions about anything you may have about your home. You "clip", "like", and "share" projects that you love and would like to refer back to later. It's a simple, user friendly site, that may soon become your new addiction!

This cool graphic was created for us by
the Hometalk design team!
Click to view all 25 Stylish BirthdayParty Ideas. on Hometalk!

Here are a few to get you started.

See more of this beautiful woodsy/woodland party idea at Just A Girl

See more of this clever nautical party idea at Clever Nest

See more of this great backyard campout party idea at Tidbits &Twine

Truly inspiring party ideas!
These are only 3 of 25!
To see more, party in style with us
and check out our

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Nacho Bar Fiesta!

Here it is, our nacho bar fiesta! In our last post we shared Brice's birthday party we hosted for him and his friends on Saturday, Pizza Parlor/Movie Night Party. Today we are sharing the family birthday party we hosted for Lexie and Brice, on Sunday. We needed a party theme that would work for both boys and girls, and, also, would work for all ages. We also needed to keep it simple, as we are still working on our kitchen. Since Lexie and Brice love Mexican style food, a nacho bar fiesta party fit perfectly for our theme! Just in case you missed it (in our last post we shared Brice's Pizza Parlor Movie Night birthday party) I mentioned how we were able to reuse the tablecloths from Hailey's Strawberry Shortcake Party 2 and Strawberry Shortcake Party 3. Here, you can see how the green tablecloths coordinate perfectly with the fiesta theme. So.....although most party items are meant to be disposable, don't be so quick to throw them out! Many items are reusable, if you clean them up. I don't like to have to constantly purchase items when entertaining. So, to keep our expenses to a minimum, I look for items that can be reused or can serve more than one purpose.

We purchased sombreros to serve chips and salsa
which added a fiesta touch to our decor.

We already had the plastic plates which we had purchased
several years ago for our sons' graduation parties (school colors).
They coordinated perfectly with the fiesta napkins we purchased.

Yes, a soup tureen can be used for more than just soup.
Here, we used it to serve the taco meat.
We used glass sundae cups we already had
for guacamole, sourcream,
shredded lettuce, and shredded cheese.
We, also, used the metal buckets from our
to serve jalapeno peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

And we ordered this fun festive multi-colored cake.

The party was awesome,
we had a great day with family and friends,
and everyone had a wonderful time!

Exciting things are happening here at Our Family Inspired Home!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pizza Parlor Party!

Holy cow, love that we have had another beautiful weekend! Love the warm weather and the bright sunshine! We have been so busy with birthday parties, Easter, bridal showers, weddings, end of school year activities, and, of course, now summer activities that we are just now sharing Lexie and Brice's birthday party festivities. Today, we are sharing Brice's party we had with his friends and in our next post we will share the family party for Lexie and Brice. We hosted Brice's birthday party with his friends on a Saturday night and Lexie and Brice's birthday party with family on Sunday. We did two completely different themes. The party with Brice's friends was a pizza parlor movie night and the family party was a nacho bar fiesta. Since there would be both boys and girls at both parties and, also, since Brice is a teenager and Lexie is a college student, we needed both parties to be gender neutral and great for any age. Brice and his friends get together on weekends and have movie nights. And Lexie and Brice love Mexican style food. Therefore, both party themes fit perfectly! Both parties were kept simple, as we are still working on our kitchen. All of the dishes, serving ware and baskets we used we already had and even reused the tablecloths from Hailey's Strawberry Shortcake Party 1Strawberry Shortcake Party 2 and Strawberry Shortcake Party 3. So, the decor we did purchase was minimal.

The plates and tablecloth are plastic.
We purchased them a few of years ago
for a summer bbq and used them again
for Lexie's graduation party (perfect school colors).
The mason jars we used for Hailey's

We brought our drink buckets in from outside.

We purchased the pizza circle serving trays
and popcorn boxes
from Hobby Lobby and Party City.

We baked chicken wings.

And baked pizzas. We placed the cardboard that came
with the pizzas under the pizzas to protect the silver trays,
so we could reuse them again at a later time.

The kids ate lots and had a great time!

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