Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kitchen Renovation Part 4 ~ Our DIY Customized Microwave Cabinet Out Of A Stock Cabinet

Welcome back to our kitchen renovation! If you are new to our blog, you may like to read (Kitchen Renovation Part 1Kitchen Renovation Part 2, and Kitchen Renovation Part 3 ). Finding kitchen cabinets to suit our needs, as well as look the way we wanted, was proving to be a challenge. I wanted our upper cabinet to have two side by side doors, but could only find 24 inch cabinets with one door.  I, also, wanted a 36 inch pantry cabinet with two side by side doors, but could only find 18 inch and 24 inch pantry cabinets with one door.  I wanted our microwave to be under our counter, but we couldn't find an under the counter stock microwave cabinet. Customized cabinets were out of the question. So, of course, we made our own!

For the upper cabinet and pantry,
our solution was simple.
We purchased two, 12 inch, stock cabinets
(instead of one 24 inch cabinet)
to hang side by side and, then,
reversed the door on one of the cabinets
so they would open facing each other.
We, then, purchased two, 18 inch, stock pantry cabinets
(instead of one 36 inch cabinet)
and reversed the doors on one of the cabinets.


Chris, then, painted all of the cabinets

and added molding to top of our cabinets.

Our solution to the microwave cabinet took
a little more thinking and a little more work.

Chris was sure he could make a cabinet,
but wasn't so sure about the drawer
I wanted underneath the microwave.
So, we decided we would try
to make what I wanted
out of a stock base drawer cabinet.

After taking out the top two drawers
and cutting the braces out,
Chris added a piece of wood
to sit on brackets he made
to hold our microwave. 

He, also, added dowel rods in the drawer
because I wanted to keep
our everyday dishes in the drawer
which helped to organize the space into sections.

They all turned out great!

A simple, beautiful, economical solution
to get the aesthetic look we wanted
with a financial budget we could afford!
Come back next week to see how we customized
our base cabinets to get the look we wanted
without the added expense!

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  1. Looks like your renovation is coming along well!

  2. I LOVE how you took stock cabinets and made them GORGEOUS!

  3. I'll be using your microwave cabinet idea in my own kitchen! Thank you!!

  4. Love your creative ideas! It got me thinking about how much I want my microwave off what little counterspace I have. I'm thinking finally removing the old broken dishwasher that has been dead for almost 6 years and maybe use that 24" space and add a shelf. I love the idea of the drawer, we just don't have the finances right now so maybe 2 shelves and a curtain on the bottom. I'm sure my granddaughters (5mos and 19 mos will love playing with it, maybe a baby proof lock then too. Lol. Thanks for getting my ideas moving. Now, to convince the husband who doesn't want anything done until we can afford to gut the room.

    1. Thank you so much! Renovating or remodeling can be costly. Glad some of our ideas are helpful. I think shelves and a curtain will look wonderful!