Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kitchen Renovation Part 1

When we purchased our new house we knew that the overall layout was perfect for our family. However, we also knew that the layout of our kitchen was not going to work for our family. The original placement of the stove was on the outside wall and in between the outside entrance door and basement door. Not only did this disrupt the flow of a walkway, but it was also dangerous. We were concerned about the possibility of a little one running in from the back door while having the oven door open. In addition, if anyone walked from our family room through the kitchen to go out the back door, he/she would have to walk by a hot stove or open oven door. So, we needed to redesign the space and move the stove.We, also, had a few other issues with the kitchen: the walls needed to be replaced, the cabinets were not sufficient, there was one florescent light, the flooring was in bad shape, and the placement of the sink meant that our refrigerator didn't fit. So, we gutted the whole kitchen and started over. After measuring, marking our walls and floors, perusing magazines, books, other blogs and, of course, PinterestHometalk, Houzz, and then rethinking our ideas, we finally came up with a plan for our new kitchen! Although our kitchen is smaller in size, it is far more  functional than it was before. If you're new here, you may like to read Our New Home ~ The Downstairs Before. And if you have been reading our blog for a while, you may have caught a few glimpses of our new kitchen in some our previous posts.

Just in case you missed it, this is what our kitchen
looked like when we purchased our home.

This is how it looked when we set it up to use for the weekends
we were here working on our house before we moved.
(Traveling Back and Forth)
(Atlanta, Cars, and a Job Well Done)

And this is how it looked after we moved.
(Moving Days)
Completely non-functional.....

We will be back next week to share what we did next!

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