Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our New Home ~ The Downstairs Before

Yay! Thankfully, we now have air! Of course, the weather is suppose to cool down a little this week and we may not need it, but we are so happy to have the furnace and air, almost, complete. Last week, we shared pictures of the outside of our home that were taken on the day we purchased our house (Our New Home ~ The Outside Before). Today, we will share the downstairs "before" pictures. It will be a while before we will have "after" pictures. These pictures I, also, took last year, on the day we bought our house. When we bought our house we thought the layout was great for our family and it had plenty of space. We could see the potential and knew what the house could become. After being here for two months, we are, even, more excited to make it into the home we envisioned, last summer. Recently, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to see older pictures our house. It was such a lovely house. It will take a lot of work, but we hope to make it lovely again!

Enter the front door and there is a foyer. To the left is the stairway,
to the right is the parlor, and straight through is the office/playroom.

Dining room

Sunroom/Eating area (Part of the family room.)

Family room
(To the left are the kitchen and bar area.)
(The kitchen, sunroom, and family room are all connected)
Family room
(You can see the side porch through the door and window.)
(Also, behind the door that Chris is working on there is a back stairway to the upstairs.)
(Hard to see, but the deck is off the back door.)

Hope you enjoyed our tour!
Thanks for visiting Our Family Inspired Home!

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