Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kitchen Renovation Part 2

Today we are sharing the demolition of our kitchen renovation. If you missed how our kitchen looked when we purchase our home and when we moved in, you may like to read: Our HomeMoving Days, and Kitchen Renovation Part 1.We needed to do our kitchen in stages because we needed to make our home functional and work within our financial budget. So, we started on one side of the room and worked around the room as we were able. Yes, in most cases it would be better to just demo and put the room back together all at one time. However, that was not true in our case. We were trying to make our home livable and functional. Then, proceed with what we wanted. Need won out against want. Since we needed to be able to use the kitchen, while trying to do all of the other work in the kitchen, we were concerned that the new flooring would be damaged. So we also, needed to work around the old flooring as long as possible.

Chris and Brice got to work taking out the old cabinets.

Then, Chris started gutting the walls and


We found a few interesting things in the ceiling.....

Hailey wanted to help.

And then, we cleaned up.

We saved the nails we pulled out of the lath.

We will be back soon to share what we did next!

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