Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Frozen Winter Birthday Party Part 3 ~ The Slumber

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Hailey's frozen winter birthday party! (If you missed our last posts, you may like to read Frozen Winter Birthday Party Part 1 ~ The Preparations and Frozen Winter Birthday Party Part 2 ~ The Food and Dessert Tables.) Since Hailey's birthday party was also a slumber party, we created a frozen, winter, castle/tent for the girls to sleep. And..... since we asked the girls to wear their Frozen pajamas, for her party, we included a "chillin out" theme as part of our frozen winter theme.

First, Chris and Brice hung the bunting from the ceiling.
Next, Chris and I hung the draping on each side of the entryway.
And then, I set up tables and chairs in our office/playroom
for the girls to eat, paint, and play games.

After dinner, crafts, games,
and cupcakes with ice cream,
our office/playroom
became a "chillin out" space
full of sleeping bags and pillows

for popcorn and movie watching.

In the morning, we kept breakfast simple.
Donut holes which looked like snowballs and fruit.

The girls had fun, Hailey was estatic,
and we all had a fantastic weekend!

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  1. What a fun party ideas. I love it!!

  2. I love how you did this Frozen themed party - so cute. My granddaughter would love it also. Cathy

  3. Such a cute idea! You worked hard on this party. Great job!

  4. I am so glad I found this post. You totally solved my dilemma on how to throw a frozen themed party in the middle of 100degree Texas summer heat. You really set the tone with your decor, I love it!
    Tami @ curb alert!

    1. Lol, a Frozen party in 100 degree heat is a dilemma, glad you will be able to use for your party! Thank you, Tami!

  5. Gorgeous! I now have a few ideas for my daughter's next birthday party.

    1. Awesome, glad you found some ideas for your daughter's party, thank you!

  6. That is definitely one amazing birthday party!!! Good job Mom!

  7. Wow! That looks like so much fun! Lucky kiddos.