Monday, March 9, 2015

Kitchen Renovation Part 6 ~ Counter Tops

Welcome back to our kitchen renovation! We hope you had a great weekend! Although we still have lots and lots and lots of snow, the temperature warmed up a little bit. So maybe spring will be here soon! If you missed our previous posts about our kitchen, you may like to read Kitchen Renovation Part 1Kitchen Renovation Part 2Kitchen Renovation Part 3 ~ Putting Up The WallsKitchen Renovation Part 4 ~ Our DIY Customized Microwave Cabinet Out Of A Stock Cabinet , and Kitchen Renovation Part 5 ~ Our DIY Furniture Style Cabinets Out Of Stock Cabinets. You will have a much better idea as to where we started and how far we have come with our kitchen renovation. When we had first started planning our kitchen, we were going to purchase beautiful granite counter tops. However, when it came time to actually move forward with our kitchen the granite I had picked out was not really a feasible option. Therefore, we decided to go in another direction. I had seen many great kitchens with butcher block counter tops and loved the contrast between light and dark (I had already planned to use white cabinets with a dark wood floor.), so we decided to make our own wood counter tops. We weren't sure how well they would work out, but thought we would give them a try. There are many tutorials to follow, but we used a combination of these two: The Shabby Creek Cottage  and  Breakfast For Dinner By Loraine. They were really quite easy to follow.

Although we have tried to keep our primary focus on our kitchen,
we usually have many projects going on at the same time.
We, also, try to fit our projects in between church activities,
school activities, kid activities, volunteer activities, family time
and, of course, holidays. Therefore, our time is limited.
So, we try to take full advantage of any spare time
we might have to get our projects done.

Even if it means holding a flashlight over
the wood so Chris can see to cut.  :)

Chris and Brice
built the counters.

And Chris cut and drilled holes for the braces.

Then Chris and I alternated between sanding,


(We sealed the top and bottom of the counter tops.)

and staining.

We used multiple coats of stain
to achieve a darker color
and sanded in between each coat. 

Although I wanted the surface to be smooth,
I still wanted the wood grain and knot holes
to show through, so we chose not to fill them in
and leaving the wood look a little rustic.

They turned out beautiful!

Another easy, economical, and marvelous idea
that fits our needs as well as our wishes.
We are so pleased!

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  1. What a great job you guys are doing with your kitchen remodel! Love those counter tops!

    1. Thank you so much, Tamyra! We love our counter tops, too!

  2. These kitchen counter tops are absolutely gorgeous. I am loving following along with you renovation - your kitchen is going to be marvelous when you are done. Cathy

    1. Thank you so much, Cathy, we love that you enjoy following along!

  3. They look amazing! I have barn wood, and now my wheels are turning :) What sealer did you use?

    1. Thank you, Cari! That is so neat to use barn wood. I'm not sure which brand it was, but we used what was recommended when we asked at the store. It is a butcher block sealer and food safe. Hope that helps!

  4. So gorgeous! I love that you chose to keep it a bit rustic, too. I'm starting to really like the idea of butcher block countertops in the kitchen. You guys are quite talented!


  5. I love the counter. Turned out great and the color is great.

  6. Your counter is absolutely stunning! :D