Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Organizing The Dresser Drawers

Over the years many friends and family have asked me, "Does your house always look like this?" Ummmmm, no, of course not. We have five kids, so usually we have something laying on the floor somewhere in the house. And really, whatever sport season we are in will dictate what is gracing its presence on our floor. Currently, we are tripping over basketball gear and have a hockey stick in the corner of our master bedroom. However, I also, work really hard to keep order. I feel better when I can look into a room and see a clean, uncluttered, cozy room. And even though we are now in the middle of major renovations, still have boxes everywhere from our move, and the floors are dirty, I still have the need to keep things organized the best I'm able at the moment. Last year, I shared how we organized our pantry (Just A Little Organizing) and added open shelves (Kitchen Shelves) to our kitchen for more storage in our last home. Today, I'm showing you Hailey's dresser drawers because I really love the dividers I found at a local retail store a few years ago. They were a little pricey. But, also, so worth the price. Seriously, these are awesome!

Hailey's dance leotards are on the left, soccer gear left middle,
right middle swimming items, on the right sun hats.
And just in case you are wondering,
in the middle, the empty space is for future softball gear.

In this drawer items are separated into color coordinated
winter hats, scarves, mittens/gloves and purses.

I know they are dresser drawers, but aren't they beautiful?

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