Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Side Porch Furniture

Finally, we have furniture set up on our side porch! Thank you for all your wonderful comments, we appreciate all of you! For those who are new to our blog you may like to read Cleaning Up The Left Side Yard, Side Porch Stenciled Planters, Rock Garden, Side Porch Inside Reveal, and Side Porch Outside Reveal And Rock Garden to catch up on where we started and how far we have come with our side porch. Thank you, so much, for your great suggestions for furniture on our side porch. But, we try to use what we have first before purchasing new. Although we had to reposition our porch furniture because our front porch on our other house was larger and shaped differently (Front Porch), we love the way our side porch on our new home has turned out and enjoy sitting out here.

 Remember, this is where we started.


While taking pictures I wasn't sure I liked the two lanterns placed so close together,
so I switched the flowers and lantern next to the chairs. :)

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Before And After
Our Home


  1. Hi! I found your blog over at Hometalk and saw we're sort of neighbors (I'm from Elburn). Love your porch and love how your whole family got involved with this project!

  2. Thanks, and glad you found our blog! I have been enjoying your blog for a while. How neat to find that we are "neighbors"!

  3. Sandy!!! I absolutely love your porch. I could hang out there all day!