Friday, September 20, 2013

Side Porch Inside Reveal!

Finally, the inside of our porch reveal! We worked on our porch and Rock Garden for about two months and would still like to add a ceiling fan and new door. But for now, we are finished. The white paint, new ceiling, and chocolate color floor brighten up the whole space. What a huge difference!

Here is where we started when Lexie and I began painting.

Of course, Hailey wanted to help.
Right about this time with the yard, porch, and house in such disarray,
I'm thinking the neighbors may have been a little concerned.....
I scraped in between the boards and vacuumed before I painted the floor.

We were going to use the beadboard we had, but didn't have enough.
Our favorite home improvement store didn't have any to match what we already had
 and the larger sheets were more difficult to work with.
So, we purchased new beadboard in a smaller size
which made it easier for Chris and Brice to
work with when putting it up on the ceiling.

I painted the window trim.

Brice learned how to change out light fixtures.

Hailey checked to make sure the light worked.
(She changed into five different outfits that day from her dress-up box.)


And, then, I painted the door black. I, actually, wanted a more muted look,
but this will work until we are able to purchase a new door.

The ceiling looks great!

The floor looks wonderful!


The whole porch looks beautiful!

We love our "new" porch!

Before & After

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  1. Very very pretty update! It always amazes me what a little paint, creativity and elbow grease can really do!

    We have a very sad looking porch that the beau refuses to let me tackle. Guess I just have to peel up that fake grass and have at it while he's gone one day. Mid-project I'll be sure to show him how amazing the results can look by sending him your way.

    Great update!!

    Much love,
    Trisha D.
    Black and White Obsession

  2. You porch looks really nice! It really seems like worth of all the hard work.

  3. I love your porch and am adding one onto my house this summer. Thanks for the tip on the smaller size beadboard ceiling panels! Can I ask how tall your porch is at the outer edge? Looks about 6' and that is was I was shooting for to work with adding onto the natural pitch of the house and importantly with the idea that it would shade and keep the porch cooler. Are you 6' tall below the ledger? How wide it your side porch 10' or 12'? Thanks!