Thursday, September 26, 2013

Side Porch Outside Reveal and Rock Garden!

The outside side porch reveal is ready, and included is a larger view of our rock garden! The reaction to our porch from the neighbors and community, along with last week's post of our inside porch reveal has been extraordinary. (If you missed our posts on our rock garden and porch, you may read about them here Rock Garden and Side Porch Inside Reveal). (You may, also, like to read about Cleaning Up The Left Side Yard). We have heard so many nice words to describe the work we have done on our side porch; such as, amazing, awesome, and, even, amazingly awesome! Thank you, we appreciate all of your kind words.

Just in case you missed it, this is where we started.


And this is how it looked after starting our clean-up.
Then, Lexie, Hailey, and I painted the porch.

Chris painted the areas we couldn't reach.

We added lattice.

Lexie and I made (Side Porch Stenciled Planters).

Brice and I planted the bushes and flowers.
Then, Chris and Hailey built a retaining wall.

Brice and Chris repaired the porch stairs.


Lexie painted the trim.

The side porch and rock garden are beautiful!

Yep, amazingly awesome!

What a huge difference some clean up and paint can make!

Thanks for visiting Our Family Inspired Home!

Before And After



  1. How cute! It's nice to see the whole family working together to beautify the home. This is truly a family-inspired home. That porch project turned out so lovely. I’ll look forward to read more of family’s project in your fantastic family-inspired home. Lyn at DAL Builders

  2. I bet you can’t wait for those bushes and flowers to grow! The little rock garden would be a fantastic addition to your lovely home. By the way, your house has quite the open area outside; have you considered putting up a charming and exquisite garden in the future?

    Richard Zimmer @ Tapestry, NJ

    1. Thank you, we are patiently waiting for everything to grow! Although we would love to add more, we don't have a whole lot of yard space.