Monday, August 5, 2013

Cleaning Up The Left Side Yard

Welcome to Maintenance Monday! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This weekend, we had a garage sale, attended Chris' company picnic, started putting together our wooden playset, and put the finishing touches on our retaining wall for the rock garden. It's hard to believe that most of the major outside cleanup is almost done. We, of course, still have a lot of clean up to do on the outside. But, at least, the major obstacles are out of the way! We have worked our way around our house starting with cutting down dead trees in our backyard (Our Tree Cutting Adventure). Next, we cut and dug up bushes on the right side of our yard (Cutting Down The Bushes) and (Cleaning Up The Bushes). Then, we cleared and cleaned up the bushes in our front yard (Cleaning Up The Front Yard). And, now, we have finally made it to the left side of our yard!

This is how the left side looked the day we purchased our house.

This is how we left it, last fall.
Yep, quite the mess!
But then, our helpers got to work.
And this is how the left side looked
when we finished.
What a difference a little cleanup has made to the outside of our home.
Now, we are able to start with a, fairly, clean slate for landscaping.
Can't wait to show you our rock garden and side porch!
Thanks for visiting Our Family Inspired Home!

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