Thursday, September 26, 2013

Side Porch Outside Reveal and Rock Garden!

The outside side porch reveal is ready, and included is a larger view of our rock garden! The reaction to our porch from the neighbors and community, along with last week's post of our inside porch reveal has been extraordinary. (If you missed our posts on our rock garden and porch, you may read about them here Rock Garden and Side Porch Inside Reveal). (You may, also, like to read about Cleaning Up The Left Side Yard). We have heard so many nice words to describe the work we have done on our side porch; such as, amazing, awesome, and, even, amazingly awesome! Thank you, we appreciate all of your kind words.

Just in case you missed it, this is where we started.


And this is how it looked after starting our clean-up.
Then, Lexie, Hailey, and I painted the porch.

Chris painted the areas we couldn't reach.

We added lattice.

Lexie and I made (Side Porch Stenciled Planters).

Brice and I planted the bushes and flowers.
Then, Chris and Hailey built a retaining wall.

Brice and Chris repaired the porch stairs.


Lexie painted the trim.

The side porch and rock garden are beautiful!

Yep, amazingly awesome!

What a huge difference some clean up and paint can make!

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Before And After


Friday, September 20, 2013

Side Porch Inside Reveal!

Finally, the inside of our porch reveal! We worked on our porch and Rock Garden for about two months and would still like to add a ceiling fan and new door. But for now, we are finished. The white paint, new ceiling, and chocolate color floor brighten up the whole space. What a huge difference!

Here is where we started when Lexie and I began painting.

Of course, Hailey wanted to help.
Right about this time with the yard, porch, and house in such disarray,
I'm thinking the neighbors may have been a little concerned.....
I scraped in between the boards and vacuumed before I painted the floor.

We were going to use the beadboard we had, but didn't have enough.
Our favorite home improvement store didn't have any to match what we already had
 and the larger sheets were more difficult to work with.
So, we purchased new beadboard in a smaller size
which made it easier for Chris and Brice to
work with when putting it up on the ceiling.

I painted the window trim.

Brice learned how to change out light fixtures.

Hailey checked to make sure the light worked.
(She changed into five different outfits that day from her dress-up box.)


And, then, I painted the door black. I, actually, wanted a more muted look,
but this will work until we are able to purchase a new door.

The ceiling looks great!

The floor looks wonderful!


The whole porch looks beautiful!

We love our "new" porch!

Before & After

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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Apple Tree

Welcome to Maintenance Monday! When we bought our new home, last summer, one of the things we thought was neat to have was our own apple tree. Last fall, we picked apples, brought them back home with us, and made apple butter.

However, the tree was not in good shape. So, this past spring 
Chris cut back some of the twisted, dead, and broken branches. 
We wanted to be careful as to not cut back too much.

The front side of the tree looked, fairly, decent;
but, the back side was still in horrible shape.

So, last week, Chris cut out more of the larger, dead branches
and tied up some of the healthy, heavy branches.

We are hoping to have apples, next fall!

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Maintenance Monday