Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Frozen Winter Birthday Party Part 3 ~ The Slumber

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Hailey's frozen winter birthday party! (If you missed our last posts, you may like to read Frozen Winter Birthday Party Part 1 ~ The Preparations and Frozen Winter Birthday Party Part 2 ~ The Food and Dessert Tables.) Since Hailey's birthday party was also a slumber party, we created a frozen, winter, castle/tent for the girls to sleep. And..... since we asked the girls to wear their Frozen pajamas, for her party, we included a "chillin out" theme as part of our frozen winter theme.

First, Chris and Brice hung the bunting from the ceiling.
Next, Chris and I hung the draping on each side of the entryway.
And then, I set up tables and chairs in our office/playroom
for the girls to eat, paint, and play games.

After dinner, crafts, games,
and cupcakes with ice cream,
our office/playroom
became a "chillin out" space
full of sleeping bags and pillows

for popcorn and movie watching.

In the morning, we kept breakfast simple.
Donut holes which looked like snowballs and fruit.

The girls had fun, Hailey was estatic,
and we all had a fantastic weekend!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Frozen Winter Birthday Party Part 2 ~ The Food and Dessert Tables

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Hailey's frozen winter birthday party! If you missed our last post, you may like to read Frozen Winter Birthday Party Part 1 ~ The Preparations. As I mentioned in our last post, we were ripping up the carpet in our dining room and office which meant that we still needed to put most of our furniture back before Hailey's party. So, we kept her party simple. We ordered her birthday cake from a local bakery and purchased blue punch. Then, I baked cupcakes and cookies and used our bread tubes to make heart shaped bread for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I, also, made heart shape ice cream. (I used the same idea I did in Hailey's princess/prince/knight birthday party.) Next, I filled our apothecary jars with candy in blue, white, and silver colors. We used our white dishes to serve cheese sticks, carrots, black olives, and chips. Seriously, the easiest menu I have ever planned!

When I was going through the photos of cakes
the bakery had done previously, I saw this cake done as
a beach theme cake with seashells, etc.
And then, I saw a picture with snowflakes on cookies.
So, I asked if they could do a cake in these blue
colors and add the snowflakes for a frozen winter theme.
I was very pleased when I picked up the cake.
It turned out even better than what I had pictured in my mind.
It was a beautiful cake and tasted great!
(I added the number seven to the top of the cake.)

I had set up the dinner table earlier so all I had to do was
add the food when it was time for the guests to arrive.

The heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were splendid.

The blue punch coordinated perfectly with the color scheme.

We used the mason jars that we already had and used previously
for Hailey's Strawberry Shortcake Party part 1, part 2part 3,
Brice's Pizza Parlor Party, and Lexie's and Brice's Nacho Bar Fiesta.

Since we set up a table in front of the bay window
for dinner, we used our buffet as a dessert table.

Since the ice cream was going to be placed on top of
the cupcakes, I made them in a smaller mold pan than the one

We will be back soon to share the rest of Hailey's party!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Frozen Winter Birthday Party Part 1 ~ The Preparations

Hi everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We, as usual, had a very busy weekend, but great too. A few weeks ago we hosted Hailey's birthday parties at our home (We hosted a friend birthday party one evening and a family party the next evening). At first, the only requirement she had for her friend party was that she wanted a slumber party. So, we had originally planned a theme party based on one of Hailey's favorite book series and made plans for a slumber party (Hailey's first slumber party). However, Hailey decided she wanted a Frozen slumber party. So..... we created a winter theme party with various shades of blue and white and included stars, sparkly number sevens, and snowballs. We, also, asked the girls to come dressed in their Frozen pajamas to include Hailey's request for a Frozen party and because it was a slumber party. Since her birthday was quickly approaching, we had a limited amount of time to plan and prepare for her party. And of course, right after the holidays, we decided to rip up the carpets in our dining room and office/playroom (which were the rooms we would be using for her parties). (If you are new to our blog, you may like to read Dining Room ~ Putting Up The Walls.) This meant that our whole house was in disarray. We still had Christmas items in the family room, furniture stacked in the parlor, front entry way, and upstairs, and sanders, stain, and sealer in the dining room and office. Our house was an obstacle course. (And just in case you're wondering, we had not intended our floors to be such an involved project.) Therefore, we needed to keep her party fun as well as easy.

I made her invitations on our computer
and printed directly on to
 index cards that I already had
from a previous project.
We purchased snowflake stickers
to put on the invitations
for a little extra personal touch and,
then, glued the invitation onto blue card stock.

While trying to come up with games and activities
for the girls, I found our castle bean bag game that we
had made for Hailey's
(You may like to check out Our Parties.)

We purchased inexpensive wood frames
and paint for the kids to paint as a souvenir.
(I took their picture, as a group, to put in the frame.)

I printed business size cards to add to the goodie bags

And then, made goodie bags.

I set the food table up so
it would be ready for dinner.

 I found these wonderful printables

 And, I added inexpensive plastic tablecloths
around the bay window and table to complete the look.

We will be back soon to share more of Hailey's party!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine Goodie Bags 2015

We hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was very busy celebrating Hailey's 7th birthday with family and friends. We will have party posts soon! In the mean time, you may like to check out Our Parties from prior years. But for now, with Valentine's Day just a few days away, I thought you might like to see the goodie bags I put together for Hailey's Valentine Day Party at school. I already had bags and ribbon. So, all I had to do was decide how I wanted to decorate the bags. Last year, I stamped the front of plain brown paper bags and added ribbon (Valentine Day Bags 2014) which I loved, but I wanted to do something different this year. When I found this beautifully done free printable from Twig & Thistle, I knew that it would work perfect.

I printed the image directly onto the bags,
folded the top of the bags down,
made hole punches and tied ribbon
through the holes to close the bags.
I made the bow on the other side
of the bag so it wouldn't detract from
the beautiful design of the printable.
The bow also "prettied up" the other side of the bag. :)

As for the goodies inside,
I made candy hearts with my candy mold pan
and added some cute Valentine themed items.

To make the candy hearts, I mixed
1 tsp. of vegetable oil in 8 ounces of candy or chips
and melted the candy/chips in the microwave until smooth.
I spooned the mixture into the mold.
And then, put the mold into the refrigerator for about one hour.
For the red hearts, I used red melt candy
For the chocolate hearts, I used milk chocolate chips
And for the white and pink hearts,
I used white chocolate chips
and added red food coloring to make the pink.

These were so quick, easy and inexpensive.
I love the way they turned out!
We hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day!

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