Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pizza Parlor Party!

Holy cow, love that we have had another beautiful weekend! Love the warm weather and the bright sunshine! We have been so busy with birthday parties, Easter, bridal showers, weddings, end of school year activities, and, of course, now summer activities that we are just now sharing Lexie and Brice's birthday party festivities. Today, we are sharing Brice's party we had with his friends and in our next post we will share the family party for Lexie and Brice. We hosted Brice's birthday party with his friends on a Saturday night and Lexie and Brice's birthday party with family on Sunday. We did two completely different themes. The party with Brice's friends was a pizza parlor movie night and the family party was a nacho bar fiesta. Since there would be both boys and girls at both parties and, also, since Brice is a teenager and Lexie is a college student, we needed both parties to be gender neutral and great for any age. Brice and his friends get together on weekends and have movie nights. And Lexie and Brice love Mexican style food. Therefore, both party themes fit perfectly! Both parties were kept simple, as we are still working on our kitchen. All of the dishes, serving ware and baskets we used we already had and even reused the tablecloths from Hailey's Strawberry Shortcake Party 1Strawberry Shortcake Party 2 and Strawberry Shortcake Party 3. So, the decor we did purchase was minimal.

The plates and tablecloth are plastic.
We purchased them a few of years ago
for a summer bbq and used them again
for Lexie's graduation party (perfect school colors).
The mason jars we used for Hailey's

We brought our drink buckets in from outside.

We purchased the pizza circle serving trays
and popcorn boxes
from Hobby Lobby and Party City.

We baked chicken wings.

And baked pizzas. We placed the cardboard that came
with the pizzas under the pizzas to protect the silver trays,
so we could reuse them again at a later time.

The kids ate lots and had a great time!

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  1. What a really cute idea... love that it can be used for practically any age....

  2. Beautiful setting. Perfect for a pizza party for any age.

  3. Looks like the perfect birthday party. It is always fun to throw birthday parties for your kids.