Friday, February 21, 2014

Hailey's Birthday Strawberry Shortcake Part 3

Welcome back to Hailey's Strawberry Shortcake "berry" special birthday party! As I was planning goodie bags for Hailey's school Valentine's Day party (Valentine's Day Bags 2014) and preparing for Hailey's birthday (Hailey's Birthday Strawberry Shortcake Part 1), I mentioned that we hosted two birthday parties. One for Hailey's school friends on Saturday and one for family on Sunday. So all of the supplies we needed were purchased together, at Target, Hobby Lobby, Party City, and Walmart. In our last post we shared the party we hosted for Hailey's friends, Hailey's Birthday Strawberry Shortcake Part 2. Today, we are sharing the family party we hosted. For the family celebration we served lunch. We set the table up for a soup and salad bar luncheon and moved the dessert table to our buffet. We changed out the Strawberry Shortcake plates for thicker plastic clear plates that we can use for other occasions. We, also, changed out the Strawberry Shortcake napkins for green and white stripe napkins and changed pink plasticware to green plasticware. Two different parties with one theme! And not only did we still have a Strawberry Shortcake theme, but it also felt a little bit like spring. We are sooooo looking forward to spring!

Remember this was the table
set up the day before, on Saturday.

And this was the table set up
the next day, on Sunday.

On Saturday.....

And on Sunday.

Hailey loved and enjoyed the whole weekend!
We had such a great time celebrating with family and friends!

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