Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hailey's Birthday Strawberry Shortcake Part 1

Hi everyone, we hope you had a great weekend! We enjoyed our extended weekend! Brice and Hailey didn't have school Friday and Monday, so it was nice to be able to relax a little. I, finally, was able to take a little time to go through the pictures from Hailey's birthday parties which we hosted last weekend. We celebrated with her school friends on Saturday and with family on Sunday. We had such a great time! (If you missed Hailey's princess party, last year, you may like to read about it here, Happy Birthday Part 2 and Happy Birthday Part 3.) As I mentioned in our last post, Valentine's Day Bags 2014, I was shopping and planning for Hailey's birthday parties and school Valentine's Day party at the same time. So, I can't say for sure which specific items came from which specific stores; but, I can say that the items I purchased came from Target, Hobby Lobby, Party City, and Walmart. I do know we ordered the cake and cupcakes from Walmart. And Holy Cow, I can also say, there is so much inspiration on Pinterest it is so easy to get carried away and want to do it all! We tried to prepare as much as possible before the celebrations. It was a little difficult with the weather making travel a challenge, but everything turned out great!

When I saw this idea on Pinterest,
I was inspired to make one of our own.

So, Lexie drew up our
Strawberry Shortcake sign
to welcome Hailey's guests.

I made invitations and thank you cards
for the goodie bags.

"Come join us for a berry
special birthday party"
"Thank you for making my
birthday so berry special".

And stamped the thank you tags
for the bubbles.

Chris placed all of the cupcake liners
on the top of mason jars
to coordinate with the straws and name tags.

I put together the goodie bags and bubbles.

I saw this Valentine's Day idea on Pinterest
and adapted it to use for Hailey's party.

And then, I set up the dining room table
for the kids to sponge paint their own aprons.

With the preparations complete, we were ready to party!
Come back and see Hailey's party all set up in our next post!

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