Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Heart Pillow And Sheets

Hi everyone! I have, finally, finished unpacking the boxes (except for the kitchen) and we are knee deep in birthday preparations. But, I wanted to take a minute to share with you these cute Valentine's Day sheets and heart pillow I found at Target.

I don't, usually, do a whole lot of Valentine's Day decorating.
I like to switch out accessories like pillows, throws, and fresh flowers
without having to go overboard with a whole Valentine's Day theme.

In fact, I still have the decor set up on our sideporch that I used at Christmas.

I planned it that way. I used a general red, white and snowflake theme
to carry us through winter and right into Valentine's Day.

However, when I saw these
I knew that they would be a wonderful addition
to Hailey's room for Valentine's Day.
The pillow feels like velour and is Hailey's favorite color.
The sheets are a nice cozy, warm, flannel
and are perfect for the cold, snowy, winter weather.

Just in time, too! As we get ready for another snow storm coming our way.

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