Friday, August 1, 2014

Apple Turnovers

Welcome to Feed Us Friday! When we first looked at our house, one of the things we were excited about was the apple tree on the side our of the house. We were excited to make all kinds of new recipes. After we purchased our new house, we brought apples back home with us (The Apple Tree) (Atlanta, Cars, and a Job Well Done) to make apple butter. Then, the following spring, Chris trimmed the tree (The Apple Tree). So, last fall we didn't have any apples, and we have been, patiently, waiting to have apples again. Hailey has been wanting to make a homemade apple pie since we purchased our house, and this is the year we had intended to make it happen.

We watched the tree bud,



and start to grow apples.....

Then one morning, last week,
we went outside and found this,

the whole top of our tree
split in half and was laying on the ground.

Needless to say, we were bummed.

Chris and Hailey went out to gather all of the apples laying on the ground, and we are still hoping the remaining apples on the tree will continue to grow and ripen. However, the apples laying on the ground are still hard and tart. Our neighbor suggested we let them sit overnight with sugar. And then, try to make apple turnovers. She, also, suggested buying pie crust and quartering it, which sounded like a great idea since we are still in the middle of remodeling our kitchen. So, this idea is courtesy of our neighbor.

I peeled and diced the apples.

I put them in a plastic bowl, added a cup of sugar,
covered it with a lid, and set it in the
refrigerator overnight.

The next day, I scooped the apples out with a slotted spoon,
put them in a different bowl, mixed in
3tbsp. of brown sugar and 1tsp. of cinnamon.
I placed the seasoned apples on a
ready made pie crust that I cut into eight sections.

I, then, sliced the top crust and
placed each section on top of the apples.
I pinched and rolled the crust
of the little turnovers
to close the ends.
It doesn't have to look pretty!

I baked them according to the pie crust directions.
When they were done, I placed them on a
cooling rack to cool.

Then, I placed them on a plate.
Drizzled the sauce leftover from the apples
and sprinkled powder sugar.

They turned out great and were sooooo yummy!

(They would also be yummy
served warm with ice cream!)

And if our apples continue to grow and ripen, then we
will be making homemade apple pie!

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  1. Oh no...I am so sad about your tree.. But, geez those apple turnovers look amazing.

  2. I need apples now, because I desperately want to make apple turnovers after looking at those photos. *cue drooling*

    So sorry about your tree though!