Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Very Mini, Mini Fairy Garden

When we moved this past summer one of the things Hailey wanted so much to do was plant a garden. Both, vegetable and flower gardens. However, I knew that we wouldn't be able to accomplish any major gardening this year. While perusing wonderful Pinterest, I came across many ideas for fairy gardens and thought, hmmm how cute! Except, I wasn't sure how to incorporate a fairy garden into our limited yard space. One day while reading other blogs (which is a problem for me because I get so caught up reading other awesome blogs that I forget, I'm suppose to be writing my own.....) I saw this idea on Top This Top That. I thought great idea, but we're currently using our firepit and don't have an extra one. But then, guess what! While cleaning and clearing the right side yard (Cutting Down The Bushes) (Cleaning Up The Bushes) and back yard (Our Tree Cutting Adventure) we dug up this!

So then, I got excited and thought instant mini fairy garden! 
I spray painted it black, but didn't worry about sanding or smoothing 
because it would be covered with dirt.

We purchased a pink (of course) pot and flowers.

And we used items that Hailey won
during our family 4th of July Bingo game.

Next summer we will add a few more flowers and maybe a fairy. 
But for now, Hailey loves her mini fairy garden just the way it is.

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