Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Part 3

Here it is! The post you have been waiting to see! Hailey's birthday princess party! (If you would like to catch up and read about our first and second posts on Hailey's birthday, you may read them here, part 1 and part 2).When we sent out the invitations we asked that each child come dressed as their favorite princess or prince/knight. Hailey's favorite? Cinderella! We, also, set up craft tables with shields to create and beaded bracelets to make; so, the children could enjoy the party as everyone was arriving. Inspired by this idea we decorated our dining room ceiling. However, we used one color. Pink! Hailey's favorite color. I wanted to make sure that the blue from Cinderella and the pink blended well. I didn't want to use the jewel tones in the Cinderella party accessories because I was concerned the room would be overpowering. So, we added light pink and light blue to keep the room happy and bright! I used glass vases and white plates that I had on hand to decorate the buffet. I purchased the pink polka dot cups and the blue and pink stripe straws from here. I will use this company again. The kids looked wonderful and had a great time! Hailey declared her party as the best party ever!

Princess Hailey is 5!


Our sweet Baby Love is 5!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Part 2

As promised in my last post, here is the preparation part of Hailey's birthday party. We tried to do as much of the preparation ahead, so as to not be rushed closer to the party. It, certainly, made for a much more enjoyable time. While Lexie was home for Christmas, she drew and painted our Cinderella Castle bean bag toss game. I was inspired by this idea and this idea, so she also, drew the Kiss the Frog game, and then, Chris painted the frog. I cut them out from an old cardboard box that we had saved for just such an occasion. I, also, prepared the icecream ahead of time using this tip here. However, instead of freezing the icecream in a cake pan and cutting individual pieces out with cookie cutters, I put the icecream in a jello mold/candy mold type flexible pan that I had and froze the icecream, individually, from the start. Then, I took them out of the mold and put the heart icecream shapes in a large baggie and kept them frozen until the day of the party. The day of the party we only had to pull them straight out of the bag and place each heart on a plate. For the thank you party favors, I was able to make the cakepops and freeze them until they were needed. Then, a few days before the party I took them out of the freezer, dipped them in the candy coating and placed them in small plastic candy bags. I punched holes into the bags after folding the tops over and threaded pink ribbon through the tags that I stamped with the words thank you. I recommend doing as much as you are able way before your party date, as it makes the whole celebration experience so much more cheerful!

Cinderella Castle bean bag toss game.

Kiss the Frog game.
Icecream in candy mold pan.
Individual icecream shapes.
Thank you tags.
Thank you cakepop party favors.
Come back and see Hailey's party in our next blog post!
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Part 1

Our Sweet Baby Love celebrated her 5th birthday this month! I will share her birthday party extravaganza, we hosted in our home, in the next couple of posts.

Princess Hailey is 5.

As part of her 5th birthday celebration she ordered her first pop.
Of course, she decided she wasn't so sure she wanted it and we took it home for her to try. Eventually, she took a sip.